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*Global Executive/Leadership Coaching
*Business Consulting
*Corporate Trainings
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Global Executive/Leadership Coaching

MY Future Thinking Masterminds

This is a group made up of 4 to 10 professionals that want an intense program that professionally develops them into top business owners and career minded individuals. The program consist of 12 scientifically backed Strategic Trainings + Peer Advisory + Confidential, Face-to-Face Coaching. Only determined professionals should attempt this program because it is results driven for adults only
$1,200 Per Month for 12 Months
Individuality is appreciated – and our Executive/Leadership clients will be coached with distinctiveness in mind. We will promote and perfect your strengths but also not ignoring where you need work. Self-awareness and the ability to get out of your comfort zone is required. We want an outcome of pure professionalism with an edge
$1,500 Executive (C-Suite)/$750 Mid-Manager (10 Minimum) Per Month for 12 Months
  1. 2020 - Online Professional Development Coming Soon!!!
    You will be able to grow your business savvy, expand your production numbers and feel confidence like never before These trainings will do more than "engage your employees" - they will create a powerful culture that will be envied by your competitors
  2. Business Consulting (Lg & Sm)
    $300 Per Hour (10 Hours Minimum) OR $200 Per Hour (40+ Hours a Month) for 12 Months Our style of business consulting always has the human factor in the forefront of our decision making but that does not mean that we don’t understand that a business needs to make money.
  3. Corporate Email Coaching
    $2000 per month AND if prepaid $20,000.00 This coaching program is the least intensive of all packages and does not require a coach to be on the premises. All interaction between coach and client is done through email
  4. Group Corporate Train/Coach
    $3,500 for 20 Workers Maximum per Month/12 Months ($250 per extra person) AND if prepaid $38,000.00 This package is implemented face-to-face or virtual and has 12 organizationally aligned Strategic Trainings based on scientific procedures that grow businesses. The coachee will receive a binder with material they can review. Increasing production is the goal of this coaching program
  5. Leader+Group Train/Coach
    $5,000 for 20 Workers Maximum per Month/12 Months($250 per extra person) + 1 Leader AND if prepaid $50,000.00 This package is implemented face-to-face OR virtual and has a Strategic Training that is based on scientific procedures that grow businesses. The coached workforce will receive a binder. The leader will receive 52 weeks of intense coaching
  6. 4 Group Quarterly Trainings
    $4,000.00 Per Training or $13,000.00 if Prepaid for 20 Workers Maximum These scientifically backed trainings are all day : • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT and CREATIVITY • TEAM BUILDING AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION • PLANNING SKILLS – PRODUCTION FOCUSED • COMMUNICATION SKILLS – PEOPLE FOCUSED